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Kison Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.
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Pioneering Sustainable Tourism

Ceylonica International (Pvt) Ltd

Ceylonica International (Pvt) Ltd is a distinguished entity dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within Sri Lanka’s tourism sector. Central to our mission is a strong commitment to revolutionizing the industry by not only meeting but surpassing the diverse requirements of global travelers. We take pride in spearheading innovative hospitality strategies that transcend traditional norms, establishing new benchmarks for excellence and guest satisfaction.

While unwavering in our pursuit of excellence, our primary objective goes beyond mere profitability. Ceylonica International places utmost importance on enhancing employee welfare, acknowledging the pivotal role our devoted team plays in realizing our shared vision.

Our organizational framework is built on fundamental values that form the bedrock of our operations. Environmental stewardship, social accountability, and a dedication to continuous process enhancement serve as the pillars of our approach. These values steer every initiative we undertake, ensuring that our practices are not only sustainable but also beneficial to the wider community and environment.

As Ceylonica International (Pvt) Ltd continues to chart a distinctive course in the tourism sector, we remain resolute in our commitment to nurturing a harmonious equilibrium between global tourism demands, innovative hospitality, and conscientious business practices.